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Zach Day at Blues Alive Music Festival in Europe

With a sold out crowd of 1000 people Zach's first European performance was a huge success!  Zach was also asked to join the great Kenny Neal on stage along with Matt Long of the UK blues/rock band Catfish for the big finale of the Blues Alive Music Festival.  Click the link below for the article.

Blue Sky Studios


 “I’ve been sitting on a bunch of songs for the last few years that I really wanted to get on tape so we decided to go in and get 14 songs with 2-3 raw takes each with only an acoustic guitar and vocals.  The album will be a mix of blues music, country music and everything in between and will be available 

online January 2020.”

January 18th

Luchenback Blues Festival

Zach will be playing at the Luchenback Blues Festival in Texas this January for the second time with a full band.  Tickets can be bought online, this blues music Festival usually sells out so be sure to order in advance.

Zach's Latest Music Video

Gregg Allman's "Come And Go Blues" covered by Mississippi artist Zach Day

Whiskey, Women and Weed Music video

Interview #1

One on one interview with Zach at Blue Sky Studios in Jackson, MS.

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